Being Together!

Being Together!
All of us!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


The sun is shining today and everyone seems to have a smile on their face!  A reminder that going without, makes having something that much better.  A note on our last challenge, I have found that you find what you are looking for. Like magic, once I begain to look for the positive, I saw the positive.
Our basement got some water as I said, because of this we were able to make plans to prevent it before we begin our renos. I am so grateful it happened before we began.  I also came across a box of the kids special papers and journals.  I began journals for them when I found out they were on their way.  What a special time it was to read from them together, cozed in from the rain.  It brought back some fun memories and I believe even helped the kids to remember that they once got along really well!
My son, Nathan, has been outside even in the rain. He is working on a new project in the back yard aka: the secret garden.  He has found a spot just past the end of the yard surrounded by trees, where old raspberry canes and some kind of tall flower grow.  It is a perfect circle.  He has cleared it all out, ridding it of it's weeds and has begun to circle it with rocks he has collected from the property. 
I went back there last night to see how he is making out.  It is a magical place.  I am so grateful for his creativity and enthusiasm. It was contagious.  Together we found the perfect spot to hang the hammick, plant the poppies and delphiniums and start a little strawberry patch. He is planning a stone patio, willow arbours,a secret path to join the trail to the rest of the woods, some funiture made out of the willows from our land as well as wind chimes and bird feeders.  We talked about what flowers and plants would attract humming birds and butterflies.  As  I stood taking in the beauty of the spring, I was overcome with the hope of what was to come.  Not just with our little secret garden, but with this wonderful young man that I have the privillege to know and love. Of course I could not help but wonder if this moment would even be possible if we hadn't decided to turn off the T.V.  He could have been spending all of that time playing some game on the Wii, or sitting, watching some mind numbing sitcom.  Instead he was creating magic, discovering what he is capable of accomplishing and being successful.
I hope that you will have a magical day!  I plan to!


  1. That brings back such good memories for me! We used to ride horses up to the bluff near our home and we had a special spot we would camp at and loved investigating the hidden crevices. There was lots to check out and I am wondering now if we left certain items up there for a time to return. I did ask the owner if it was okay to take a walk back up there and he approved, just have to watch out for the bull in the field. :>) Thanks Jane for bringing such great memories back to me! Look what you have given your children by turning off the T.V.! They are making wonderful memories and being very creative!! As always I enjoyed the read!

  2. Thank you for sharing your memories. Oh I think I would be tempted to brave the bull. It would be fun to see what you might find!
    It makes be think about a time capsule...that would be a fun project!

  3. Jenn & family . I truely admire what you are all doing . Keep up the wonderful work . It has to be a real pleasure to be creating the things you guys are creating & doing together . I think how I would have loved to have done something so truely creative in my lifetime as all of you are doing . I can only imagine how beautiful the garden is that Nathan is working on . It would be nice to see it some time . Nathan is a very bright young man . I wish you all much success in continuing on in what you are doing .

  4. Doug, thank you for your encouragement. You are welcome to come and sit in the garden anytime you would like! We would love to have you. Hey don't sell your self short! It is never too late to follow your dreams, accomplish your are far too young to be talking like things are wrapping up!:)