Being Together!

Being Together!
All of us!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I find it interesting that we are Children of God and yet feel we aren't capable of achieving all of our goals!  If we truly believe we are the spiritual offspring of the most Divine being, then why do we set such limits for ourselves?  Wouldn't it only make sense that He would want us to succeed, just as I want my own children to succeed? Doesn't it make sense that He would be waiting and willing to give us the resources and help we need to accomplish what we have set before us to accomplish?  Yet we set limits...I know I do.  And it varies from not being able to turn off the T.V to not being able to climb Mount Everest!! ( I really don't have a desire to do that!)  But you get my point!
So why the limitations?  I can't answer this for everyone, but for me I think it is the fear of change, the fear of failure and yes, even the fear of success.  I get stuck in a rut and stay there, not because I like it, but because it is familiar and therefore seems comfortable.  CRAZY!!
My challenge for myself today, this week, the month and really the rest of my life is to set high goals and ideals and to strive toward them.  Hey I am only on this earth once, I want to make the best of it!!  So I am going to mail off the children's book I wrote, I am going to find order in my home (I have been working on this for 15 years!!) I am going to begin writing my next book, I am going to travel Canada...Oh the possibilities are endless!  I know with My Heavenly Father's help I can do it all!!  If I look at what I have already done, I realize I am capable of more! 
I have taken the first steps, I have decided that I am worth more than what Hollywood has to offer, I have declared it!  Now I will pray and get to work!!
I hope you have a limitless day!  I plan to!! 

*for those who have different beliefs, My intention is not to offend.  I am working from my own belief system because that is what I know and have found to be true! I hope you can find some truth in what I have shared, I do so with the best of intentions!  : )

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some Ideas!!

I thought I might get a way from some of the philosophical writing and get into some practical ideas for this grand adventure we are on!  It is technically spring in my part of the world, but we still have tons of snow!  We got big "Christmas" snow yesterday and it has covered all the grass that was showing.  But I have not given up hope!  It is at these times that I really wonder about global warming...hmmm!
I have gone to the store and to the shed to gather all that I need and have planted some little seeds!  (Seeds of hope and faith that the warm weather must be coming soon!) It was wonderful to get my hands in the dirt and the smell of freshly watered soil is just what I needed!  Some of these little babies have sprung forth and are stretching toward the sunlight.  I feel I am trying to do the same.  It makes me think that maybe my whole family is stretching forth.  Reaching for something better than what is offered in the way of media.  (Oops, sorry we are going for practical...)
So here is the practical.  If it is still cold and snowy at your house and you are racking your brain trying to come up with something to do that doesn't involve the Telly,  here are some suggestions!
  • Plant some seeds!
  • Turn up the heat, dig out your shorts and put them on!
  • Throw together a potato salad, uncover the BBQ and have hamburgers (see Nate's creation if you need some inspiration!)
  • Shovel off the deck and sit out there between 2:00 and 2:30 if it is in the sun you should enjoy some warmth!
  • Go bird watching, I have heard there are some robins in the area! And I spotted some mourning doves!
  • Start spring cleaning??? If you think it will help!
  • Get a pedicure
  • Visit a Maple Syrup set up. 
  • Wash your bedding and hang them on the line.  They will dry eventually and smell so great!
  • Open the windows!
  • Look through a seed catalogue and plan your yard!
If you have any ideas to add I would LOVE to hear them!
Hope you have a Spring filled day, I plan to!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ohh The Contrast!!

This past week has been full of traveling.  One of my favorite things to do much to my dear husbands dismay!  On Wednesday we all piled into the van and headed to Dieppe; Destination Crystal Palace!  It is an indoor amusement park.  There is a roller coaster, the swings, a carousel and all kinds of other typical rides and games.  We had a great time.  Just before lunch however, Colin got a text on his cell phone from my cell phone!  Yup, I had had it in my pocket on the roller coaster and it had fallen out.  The person on the other end, wanted a reward to give back my phone and if not, they were going to destroy it. 
It was one of the most frustrating experiences.  There was nothing I could. Even the security guard couldn't do anything.  We were pretty sure it was a group of teenagers, we could see them and do nothing but cancel the phone and move on. 
That is what we did.  It was later turned into security without a battery and a scratch down the screen. 
I felt frustrated and annoyed.  They had called me names and talked like I was the evil one for not doing what they said to do.  It bothered me for a couple of days.  I guess I am the kind of person who likes justice!  There wasn't any justice to be had that day. I couldn't help but wonder where the world was going.  Where are these kids learning that black mail and theft was okay? (It couldn't be from the T.V they are watching or from the games they are playing, could it?)

On Saturday, I piled my van full of other teens I know and love. We headed to St. John NB for a youth activity.  There were over 200 kids there from 12 ~ 18 years of age.  I just can't explain the feeling that was present.  There was respect, there was hope and there was optimism.  As I sat and observed this great group of youth, I found the contrast amazing!  One offered the world and the other so much more!  These kids seemed to have it figured out.  The happiness and joy could be seen on most of their faces.  They filled me with hope for the future!  

I am grateful for youth who take the time to recognize the goodness that can be had in the world and choose to make it a better place.  I am grateful for those youth who are brave and choose to make a positive difference in this great world of ours!  If you know a young person who does this, I hope you will let them know what a great job they are doing!  Give them a big pat on the back and enjoy the hope of the future! 

To the other youth, who are still trying to find something to fill the void, I hope you can find the courage to make a stand and do what you know to be good and right!  I know that there is amazing greatness in you, grab hold and feel the joy!

Have an Optimistic Day, I plan to!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

First of all, Happy St. Patrick's Day to All!!  Hope you are wearing your green with pride and keeping watch for leprechauns and pots of gold!
When we lived in Alberta, the kids in grade one, brought home a note, letting the parents know that for their "building" unit they were to make a Leprechaun trap AT HOME!! and bring it to school to see if they could catch the Leprechaun they had there.  As a parent this was a crazy request, not only did I have to help come up with some materials and direction, but the kids thought this had to be done every year after!!  St. Patrick's Day became another holiday of treats and sneaking around.  On our way home from the Crystal Palace (an amusement park) last night @7:30, with a 2 1/2 hour drive ahead of us, Mackenzie says, "I have to make my trap so we can catch the leprechaun tonight!"  (it didn't happen) But to the teacher who came up with what seemed like a great idea at the time, Thanks so much! 
They don't do that here in the East.  Mackenzie said she mentioned it at school and got some pretty strange looks!

Okay really, it was fun to create something with the kids.  I am always amazed at what they come up with.  And it does add some magic to things! Of course the Leprechaun ALWAYS gets away, but leaves a note explaining how he got out and some "gold" coins.  Every year it gets harder to come up with how he/she escaped!  One year it was slicing through the cardboard, I guess he was carrying a sword of some kind! The next year the kids used a tin can... This year, we are having green pancakes for supper and calling it good! But if you are looking for something to do besides watching the T.V, there just might be some little leprechaun who needs catching!
Hope you have a Magical day!  I plan to!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Hope.

This past week has been a bit of a roller coaster ride.  I haven't really known how to put into words what I have been feeling, but I want to try.  March break is always a fun time of year for our family, a time to slow down a bit and be together.  We don't usually go too far but enjoy not having to get up early and love the lack of schedule.
This March break we received some terrible news Tuesday afternoon.  A family we know and love had lost their husband and father in an accident.  In an instant their lives had changed.  The shock that comes from that kind of news is huge.  We are heart broken and just can't believe he is gone.
Then to get the new of the earthquake and tsunami hitting Japan added to our heavy hearts.  To see the pictures of the devastation and to imagine what all of those people must be going through and feeling is overwhelming.
We had planned some fun activities and spent the week torn between sadness and the desire to do these 'normal' fun things. One of the children said to me, "is it wrong to not want to miss out on doing these things?" Which can only be answered individually.
We did go ahead with many of our plans.  I believe this is what our dear friend would want us to do and I believe it helped us too.  We have not forgotten or over looked what has happened.  We think about it everyday and pray for our dear friends and for those we don't know.
It has also put me in a reflective state of mind.  I sat on Saturday in the chapel of the funeral home surrounded by over 300 people, all gathered together to mourn the lost of a great man.  I have never been to a funeral and come away filled with such hope and desire to do better.  His family, especially his wife and children, truly made it a celebration of his life.  It was powerful to sit there and listen to them express their gratitude of having him in their life.  I know that they will miss him greatly and that they have hard days ahead of them, but I am so grateful for their examples of faith and hope.
I can't help but being filled with the desire and hope that I might use my life to touch and serve others more then I do now.  I don't want to waste another moment on anything that doesn't bring joy or betterment to myself or those around me.  Without wanting to sound like a cliche or a good old country song; I do want to smile more, laugh more, love more, feel more gratitude, share more, be more positive, and just be more. 
I don't know if there is anything I can do but pray, for those who are suffering in Japan, but maybe I will start right where I am. I pray that I might be more aware of the needs of those around me, of ways that I might fill those needs and for the strength and courage to go forward into action!

I hope you have more hope today, I plan to!
(And to my dear friend, Thank You for your inspiration, your friendship and your incredible example.)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not Much to Write, I've Got to Get Back to Hanging Out With the Kids!

The sun is shining again!  We just had yet another winter storm, which normally would have been exciting for the kids, but they are already out of school for March Break!
Good ole march break!  A week to regroup, rest and just hang out doing whatever you so desire!  Many have headed South for some sun, others are heading to the local ski hill to take in a few days of hitting the slopes.  We are just taking it easy at home.  Bowling later today, swimming tomorrow, snow shoeing, puzzles, playing games, snow sculptures, Hawaiin party and a trip to Halifax.  I love having the kids around.  Every year seems to get better and better! 
Nathan is continuing with his studies!  Just finished reading one of the 39 Clue books and is looking up the places and events that were mentioned in the book!! I love that boy!!  He has inspired me to do some studying of my own! 
Mackenzie is doing her own thing, hanging out with her brothers.  Just happy to have the freedom to do nothing!
Jacob has been sick again, but is better today! He is enjoying the time in his P.J's and playing with his sister!
Well I better get back to it, you know, doing NOTHING!!!!
Hope you have a relaxing day, I plan to!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Taking the Challenge and Running With It!

I have discovered that falling off the wagon is not all bad!  It has been very interesting to see the out come! Nathan said the other day, "I would like to watch my movie, but it's a huge chunk of time and I don't want to waste it!"  He also said yesterday, "Mom, I have decided to come home and learn something everyday after school.  I figure that way I can be one of the smartest kids in my class, since most of them go home and play some game or watch T.V! Do you know where Dad's automotive books are?"  ( I love that Young Man!)
Jacob the one who spent most of the other day watching the tube, had a similar experience! He is our youngest, as you can see in our pictures is in a wheel chair.  He was born with cerebral palsy.  He doesn't talk, but he does communicate.  He doesn't walk but he is a go getter!  I am so grateful for this little boy in my life.  He teaches me something new everyday.  Sometimes about him, sometimes about the world, and most often about myself!
I had to take Jacob to an overnight appointment at the hospital this week.  We left Wednesday morning and had a 2 1/2 hour drive.  The usual set up is for Mackenzie or Nathan to travel with us, someone to help care for Jacob when we are on the road.  The other usual is for Jacob to be entertained with a video in our little t.v.  Since there was only one recliner to sleep on in Jacob's room it was only the two of us going.  So before we left, Jacob was fed and Harry Potter was put in for him to watch!
Let me stop to explain that I had not really asked Jacob if he wanted the movie, I just went ahead.  I also hadn't really asked him if he was doing our No T.V challenge. He had been apart of it because I didn't turn it on, but I hadn't really taken it too seriously if he did watch something~special circumstances and all of that!  But Jacob doesn't miss much!  He catches everything that we are talking about. Even knowing this and being his mother for these past 10 years, I sometime forget to involve him in all of the decisions of which he should be apart! 
So here we are driving down the road and Jacob pushes the top of the T.V down and closes it.  I open it up thinking that he has hit it by accident.  He squawks and closes it again.  I explain to him, as I open it for the second time, that it makes driving difficult when I am have to keep "fix" the T.V and that if he closes it again I will have to keep it closed and he will be without his movie!  He grins (his "yes" face) and closes the T.V. Then sits back and looks out the window.  He was great the rest of the trip!
When we finally got all settled into our room at the hospital, the T.V was on.  Jacob watched it for a bit while I was getting everything figured out. We had to leave the room so that Jacob could get his head covered in little electrodes and then wrapped in gauze to keep everything in place until the morning!  When we got back to the room I laid him in his bed.  I asked him if he wanted the television on and he stuck out his tongue (his "NO" face) so I tried to read to him for a bit but he was just to wiggly.  The only way to keep him still and his head wrapped was to turn on the T.V!
The next morning, Jacob awoke and was stripped of his head gear! While waiting for the Dr. to come in, Jacob wanted nothing to do with the television!  So I took him on my lap where we snuggled for a bit, read some books that he had chosen to bring with us (mostly Robert Munsch!) and I decided to have a little chat with my dear boy! I asked him again if he wanted me to turn on one of his shows.
He stuck out his tongue, in fact he stuck it out so much that I am sure that I was being yelled at!
I asked him if he was turning it off because he had decided to take the challenge too! 
Big Smile!! In fact he giggled!
I asked if that was why he closed the T.V in the van.  Another big smile!
So we snuggled, Jacob stole my nose and gave it back many times,(a new favorite game!) we read more stories and I was overcome with the power this wee laddie has to teach and the strength he has to be included in all that we do! I was also so grateful for the time we had together!  One on One and quiet!
On a side note, while we were a way my dear husband TEMPTED, I mean, asked Nathan and Mackenzie on Wednesday evening if they wanted to watch a movie or play a game.  Explaining that it would count as his movie not theirs! 
They played a game! 
I am amazed at the way this is all going!  I am grateful for the lessons we are learning about each other, ourselves and our strength! I love my children, what amazing beings they are!
I hope you have educational day!  I plan to!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Falling Off the Wagon!

Well it finally happened, we fell off the wagon!  Yesterday was a snow day, the first real one of the year and it was also the 4th day of Jacob being sick.  Poor guy.  So after trying to juggle it all I broke down and threw in a movie for Jacob- Bob the Builder!  Sadly it didn't end there!  It worked so well that I put in another one for him after that, until, yes you guessed it, the whole day was filled with him watching movies!!!  AHHHH!!!
That being said, after spending 3 days of doing nothing but snuggle and hold him, I think he was fine.  In fact he was quite enjoying it!  It gave me the time to finish a puzzle and have a good visit with Nathan and go through 9 bags of clothes with Mackenzie!  (Yes 9!  she replaced her whole wardrobe!)
At the end of the day I laid my head down on my pillow feeling great that I had spent some quality time with Nathan and Mackenzie but feeling that I had hardly even seen Jacob, let alone connected.  Oh well it is all a balancing act.
Since Jacob is home again today and I will be spending the next 2 days at an overnight appointment with him, I think the balance is working. I can't feel too badly about it.
Hope you have a balanced day!  I plan to!