Being Together!

Being Together!
All of us!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I find it interesting that we are Children of God and yet feel we aren't capable of achieving all of our goals!  If we truly believe we are the spiritual offspring of the most Divine being, then why do we set such limits for ourselves?  Wouldn't it only make sense that He would want us to succeed, just as I want my own children to succeed? Doesn't it make sense that He would be waiting and willing to give us the resources and help we need to accomplish what we have set before us to accomplish?  Yet we set limits...I know I do.  And it varies from not being able to turn off the T.V to not being able to climb Mount Everest!! ( I really don't have a desire to do that!)  But you get my point!
So why the limitations?  I can't answer this for everyone, but for me I think it is the fear of change, the fear of failure and yes, even the fear of success.  I get stuck in a rut and stay there, not because I like it, but because it is familiar and therefore seems comfortable.  CRAZY!!
My challenge for myself today, this week, the month and really the rest of my life is to set high goals and ideals and to strive toward them.  Hey I am only on this earth once, I want to make the best of it!!  So I am going to mail off the children's book I wrote, I am going to find order in my home (I have been working on this for 15 years!!) I am going to begin writing my next book, I am going to travel Canada...Oh the possibilities are endless!  I know with My Heavenly Father's help I can do it all!!  If I look at what I have already done, I realize I am capable of more! 
I have taken the first steps, I have decided that I am worth more than what Hollywood has to offer, I have declared it!  Now I will pray and get to work!!
I hope you have a limitless day!  I plan to!! 

*for those who have different beliefs, My intention is not to offend.  I am working from my own belief system because that is what I know and have found to be true! I hope you can find some truth in what I have shared, I do so with the best of intentions!  : )


  1. Oh my Jenn, you just wrote exactly the words I needed to hear. How did you know? You are right I think many of us limit ourselves from fear, whatever that fear may be, however I agree that Heavenly Father wants us to succeed. We just need to courage to DO. Good luck with all of your goals. I know you will achieve them. I am off to work (in a place I don't enjoy working) but while I am there I will start my list of goals and get to WORK. Such words of encouragement. Thank you :-) I look forward to hearing about your limitless days!!

  2. Tammy, thank you for your comment! It made my day. Good luck with your list it is a powerful tool! You can accomplish it all!!

  3. Jenn.....u probably will never imagine that while at work, when im not busy, i sometimes open your blog and read.
    and today April 12th, I read this one article Limitless, and I love it, I got inspired so much, that when i finished reading it, I hope that no person would talk to me, cause i wanted to talk with my H. Father on a pray, regarding this. The funny thing is that I ALWAYS thought like that, cause my mother raised us like that. "Lizzi...(she used to say) You can achieve anything you want, with God" !! She used to say those words with an intentional high voice, so my sister could hear, cause she used to mocked about my dreams.
    That's why we are where we are with my husband today, cause I DIDN'T GAVE UP.
    Now, I remind my husband that everything is possible if u want. But, what YOU reminded me today while reading your article, is that this is possible because our H.Father wants us to succed, and He gave us the potential, and is our work to develop it. So, that is the portion I was forgetting. Now, I'll be more "agressive" (haha) in trying to accomplish my dreams.
    *****NOTE**** I don't know what type of Comment I have to choose in "select profile" so I chose anonymus but, I am Lizzi Wait

  4. Lizzi, it is so great to know that you are following my blog! And thank you for commenting. I love that you found this inspiring. I am still finding it hard to do the work part, but I know it is true! Good luck with your limitless days!