Being Together!

Being Together!
All of us!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Hope.

This past week has been a bit of a roller coaster ride.  I haven't really known how to put into words what I have been feeling, but I want to try.  March break is always a fun time of year for our family, a time to slow down a bit and be together.  We don't usually go too far but enjoy not having to get up early and love the lack of schedule.
This March break we received some terrible news Tuesday afternoon.  A family we know and love had lost their husband and father in an accident.  In an instant their lives had changed.  The shock that comes from that kind of news is huge.  We are heart broken and just can't believe he is gone.
Then to get the new of the earthquake and tsunami hitting Japan added to our heavy hearts.  To see the pictures of the devastation and to imagine what all of those people must be going through and feeling is overwhelming.
We had planned some fun activities and spent the week torn between sadness and the desire to do these 'normal' fun things. One of the children said to me, "is it wrong to not want to miss out on doing these things?" Which can only be answered individually.
We did go ahead with many of our plans.  I believe this is what our dear friend would want us to do and I believe it helped us too.  We have not forgotten or over looked what has happened.  We think about it everyday and pray for our dear friends and for those we don't know.
It has also put me in a reflective state of mind.  I sat on Saturday in the chapel of the funeral home surrounded by over 300 people, all gathered together to mourn the lost of a great man.  I have never been to a funeral and come away filled with such hope and desire to do better.  His family, especially his wife and children, truly made it a celebration of his life.  It was powerful to sit there and listen to them express their gratitude of having him in their life.  I know that they will miss him greatly and that they have hard days ahead of them, but I am so grateful for their examples of faith and hope.
I can't help but being filled with the desire and hope that I might use my life to touch and serve others more then I do now.  I don't want to waste another moment on anything that doesn't bring joy or betterment to myself or those around me.  Without wanting to sound like a cliche or a good old country song; I do want to smile more, laugh more, love more, feel more gratitude, share more, be more positive, and just be more. 
I don't know if there is anything I can do but pray, for those who are suffering in Japan, but maybe I will start right where I am. I pray that I might be more aware of the needs of those around me, of ways that I might fill those needs and for the strength and courage to go forward into action!

I hope you have more hope today, I plan to!
(And to my dear friend, Thank You for your inspiration, your friendship and your incredible example.)

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