Being Together!

Being Together!
All of us!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well I got so excited about the idea of  limitless days, but it seem that there has been so many things in the way since I wrote it that I haven't been able to start!  I spent last week on the road, (5 days and 3 nights in a motel and we didn't turn the T.V on once!) and this week I was able to spent a wonderful day with a dear friend of mine, which I enjoyed greatly,  I've had a sick boy home,so today is my day!!  Sometimes it just seems like life gets in the way of the best laid plans!
That is the trick though don't you think?  To try to enjoy the seemingly endless tasks and all of the to do lists, so that we can get to the "good stuff"!
There are a couple of theories on this. And I have tried some.  One is that we should always do the chores first and then have fun and enjoy ourselves. This is what my parents taught, or should I say, tried to teach me while growing up.  I understand this in theory.  It is much nicer to sit and eat my sandwich in a clean kitchen since of course I cleaned up after myself as I went, right?!!
The trouble with this one is that as a mom, I NEVER seem to be done the chores.  There is always something to be done and therefore I never get to the fun stuff.  SO, I have tried theory number the fun stuff first and the rest will fall into place!
This feels so great if you can let your self enjoy it and it can work. But be warned that it also has the ability to quickly be abused and before you know it you are living in complete chaos.
This said I think the answer is somewhere in the middle.  I have found when I can find that balance, I can enjoy the chores and the "fun stuff"! My family grumbles when things get to crazy at home, but my creative self also grumbles if ignored for too long.  My dear Mother has tried to teach me to find joy in creating a beautiful, orderly home.  I just get frustrated with having my work all undone with in hours, even minutes.  Limitless is great when it is limitless possibilities for my life, but NOT limitless chores to be done!
So today I am going to make a gentle to do list, I am going complete it, trying not to be distracted by anything and then I am going to enjoy some creative time. 
I hope you have a balanced day, I plan to!

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