Being Together!

Being Together!
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh the Foolishness!

I just sent my youngest son, Jacob, to school with a note to say his g-tube is bothering him and that we will make an appointment to have the green stuff around it checked!  No, I am not being a totally negligent parent, we are just having some April Fools fun!  The Green stuff is actually the words "He He, Happy April Fools!"  written around his tube in green marker. Now, this is all in fun and please don't stop reading my blog over it!  I did talk to him before and he got very excited!  My Daughter, Mackenzie took green dyed noodles to sneeze at her friend too.  I have been giggling all morning! 
These jokes are in fun and harmless, the marker will come off and we made sure the noodles wouldn't stain anything.  Is it possible we have too much time on our hands!!  Perhaps one of the side effects of not watching television!  Be warned!
I guess having one day a year of foolishness is good.  I have to admit that I don't like being made the fool.  You know I am going to tie this in to T.V watching, don't you?!!  So with that said...When was the last time you watched T.V and didn't groan over some ridiculous commercial that belittled your intelligence?  Have you watched some of the stuff that we are having our pre-schoolers sit through? 
I remember watching the last episode of Seinfeld ( I really hope I am not getting myself in trouble here) I loved the show, but I felt like it was making fun of all of us who had followed it.  At first I was a bit annoyed, but since have seen the genius in it!  We can get so caught up in the lives of these make believe, Yes, they are make believe, lives and worlds.  Maybe we are playing the fool more than we know!  When we give the show our power and  HAVE to watch it.  What about when we numbly sit watching something that isn't worth our time, energy or brain power instead of doing something worth while.  Even sleeping would be better than filling out heads full of some of the stuff that is out there!
So enjoy your day of foolishness, it is great fun!  But I hope you see the wisdom in living your own real life, in your real world!  I know I hope to!

I seem to be having some technical difficulty.  Please try to ignore the highlights.  They are not intentional and I can't figure out how to get rid of them!! Thanks

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