Being Together!

Being Together!
All of us!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Blessing of the Unexpected!

I am being blessed today with the opportunity to be with my youngest son, Jacob.  We got a bit of snow yesterday and this morning when it was time to snow blow the drive way, we couldn't find the key.  It has fallen out somewhere and I will hopefully find it soon.
So since I can't get around the drifts in the driveway, Jacob who I am driving back and forth to school this week because the bus with the lift on it is in the shop, is stuck at home with his mother.
If this had been last year, Jacob would have spent most of day in front of some screen and I would have continued to do the norm. Cleaning, writing, cleaning, food prep, cleaning... well you get the picture! Today is going to be different! Jacob and I have done a bit of communicating (he doesn't speak verbally) and we have made a plan!!
We are going to spent the day paint pictures, building and knocking down block towers, eating yummy food, snuggling, reading some Munsch, and just cozin' in together. I am grateful for the change!  It is wonderful when life throws us a bit of something different. If we are calm we just might find some joy in it! 
Jacob is getting a bit impatient, we do have an exciting day to attend to so I will leave with this!
I hope you have an unexpected day!  I am!

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