Being Together!

Being Together!
All of us!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Quiet

Are you like me and finding the quiet of having the T.V off a bit much sometimes?  Again, I think it forces us to be alone with our thoughts and that can be hard.  I sometimes find myself turning on the music or a book on CD so I can drowned out the quiet. But I want to share with you a couple of things that have happened when everything was turned off and it was quiet enough to hear.
Last week I got the kids off to school and was working around the house.  I had done the dishes, been tidying up the boy's room, let the dog out, put away some clean laundry and as I was taking more clothes out of the dryer my wedding ring caught on my jeans.  It felt funny so I looked at it and saw, to my horror, that my diamond was missing!  I was so sad.  I quickly said a prayer that I would find it and began running around the house to all of the places I had been that morning looking frantically with a flash light for this tiny, little stone.  I had no luck.  So I tried again.  
This time I asked and then I listened.  The house was still and I just stood there waiting for any little thought that might help me to find it.  It came.  I simply got the idea that I should check the front hall mat.  I did and there just in front of the door where I had let the dog out that morning was my tiny, little diamond!  I don`t know what you believe, Maybe you would say it was just a coincidence, but I know it to be the Spirit whispering to me and I am grateful it was quiet enough to hear.
The other experience I had was on Tuesday last week. I was cleaning yet again, (it seems to be what I do!) when I came across my son's back pack.  Inside there was what I think was once an orange!  He is not good with back packs!  This is the second one that he has gone through in a short time and as I was cleaning it out and wondering what I could do to help him learn that he must take better care of his things, wondering if he should be the one cleaning it out, I had a thought come to me, that I could write a story about it!  So as the pack was in the washer I sat down and wrote.  It so was cool. The story just sort of came to me.  It was a great gift and as I read it to Nathan a funny little smile came upon his face.  It turned what could have been a frustrating experience into a loving, happy one.(And I dare say the story isn't half bad either.  Maybe we'll see it in print someday!) I am hopeful that he got the message!!
I am now grateful for the quiet.  I hope you will be able to feel the same way.   Once we get over the fear of being left with our own thoughts, I believe great things will happen! What quiet messages are waiting for you to hear? I hope you will take the challenge and find out!
Enjoy the quiet, I plan to!


  1. I look forward to read the story once published!

  2. I love what you are doing. I am inspired... but I just received 3 new DVD's in the mail and I'm looking forward to a movie-thon!

  3. Mary you made me laugh!! Enjoy your DVD's! I know I would!
    I will send you a copy FlyinD!

  4. Hay the last one was old and I got rid of it not because it was gross but because it had a big hole in it and I was losing all my stuff so this is the first time.