Being Together!

Being Together!
All of us!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Wow!  January is over.  I can't believe how quickly time goes by.  We have finished our first month without T.V.  Over the week end when we got back from Nova Scotia the kids picked their movie and we had a movie night. We had to work out some of the kinks.  Nathan thought we should be able to have a whole day of T.V watching. Mackenzie was sad that it got too late for her to watch my movie but I didn't want to drag it out into more then one day. So we rented Despicable Me for Jacob and Mackenzie.  Nathan wanted to watch some of his Plant Earth movie and I rented Sense and Sensibility.
We all loved Despicable me!!  It really was good.  Sense and Sensibility was good, but the book was so much better as is usually the case!  I didn't watch Planet Earth with Nathan.  But he seemed quite happy with it.
It was a fun night and we really enjoyed it.  Probably more then we use to because it was something different. Maybe even something special! 
Now we are on to month two!  I wonder if we will encounter any changes this month, or have we just settled into it all.  I am excited for the time we have gained.   I am eager to get on with some fun projects and live a more full authentic life! Here's to a Fabulous February!
Would love to hear how January went for you! Hope you have great day!  I plan to!

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