Being Together!

Being Together!
All of us!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Self Declared Snow Day!

I should have kept my children home yesterday.  It was much worse than today, but I trusted that the "Powers That Be" knew what they were doing.  I guess everyone got home okay, but I am really not impressed that such a chance was taken with my children's (all children for that matter) safety at stake.  So after the craziness of yesterday we have decided that we all needed a day off! And hey, the wind is blowing and I did see some flakes a bit ago!
The figure out what to do without the T.V!  We have made waffles for breakfast, Nathan is snowblowing the driveway, Mackenzie is working on her science fair project, of which I am trying to keep my opinion to myself!  Jacob is helping with the waffles and the project.
The rest of the day?  Well we have a list!  Mackenzie wants to finish her project, sew a skirt and quilt.  Nathan wants to continue to work on taking the old snowblower apart, build a shelf and a rocket!  Jacob wants to read, play block towers, make cookies and have lots of snuggles!  I just want to enjoy the time with all of them, soaking up their ideas and their abundent energy.   I may even plant a tomato plant or two!
Take it easy today!  I plan to!

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