Being Together!

Being Together!
All of us!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Beginning!

Christmas of 2010 was wonderful!  We have recently moved from the West to the East, away from family which was hard. But has provided us with the joy of creating our own traditions and fun!
As we were talking to our family and friends over the Holiday I kept catching my children adding to the conversation with details of a movie they had watched instead of their own life experiences! I realize this is not the end of the world, but Man! we had just travelled across Canada, moved into a new house and neighbourhood, made new friends, got a dog, explored our 24 acres, swam in the ocean, been to every Province except Newfoundland... I could go on with all of the joys that have filled this year And here were my dear little ones saying "Yeah that reminds me of when Harry fought V..he who must not be named..."
So as the season was winding down I decide it was time for a bit of a shake up!  I put the challenge out there and am happy to report that it has been accepted!  One Year without T.V!!
The rules are simple.  No T.V, yes this includes DVDs and VHS, except for one day a month where you are allowed to watch any movie or show you like.  Movies at the theatre are okay because they are an outing and we don't do it much!  Computers are used for communicating to family and friends and for school work but not for games! 
It is time to turn OFF the T.V and get a LIFE!!!
Are you with Me? I would love to hear if you are taking the challenge and how it's working for you!
I am so excited about the year ahead! Hope you will join me!

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