Being Together!

Being Together!
All of us!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Yup, It's a Habit!

The house is quiet as the kids have all loaded onto the big yellow school bus.  I have discovered since they have gone back to school that I have been spending quite a bit of time on the computer. All in the name of blogging, but it has spilled over into other sites.  Our family site, of course that is noble and good!  Then answering email, I mean, who doesn't do that? Then there is facebook.  Still with in our "rules" since I am keeping in touch with family and friends!  But let's face it, I am just substituting the mind numbing T.V for the cyber race of the computer.  That is NOT what I want to be doing!
Why is it that we are so attached to this stuff?  I say "we", but maybe it's just me!  Am I wrong?  Are we all struggling with the pull that technology seems to have on us?
I heard an interesting tidbit yesterday that technology has the same affect on our minds as drugs!  That we get the same shot of "happy" hormone from the ring of our cell phone or the win on the latest video game that we would get from using illegal drugs!  Wow that is incredible.  Are we all just behaving like Pavlov's dog.  Drooling over the ring of our cell phones and the intro music of our favorite sitcoms?
Well, I am through.  No not with the blog, I do love this.  I have always dreamed of writing maybe even a book someday.  Until I am brave enough for that undertaking I will continue to write using this outlet!  I Love it too much!
But I am going to turn off the computer when I have finished this post and I am going to do something else today!  I am going to finish cleaning out a closet, then head outside to explore my own backyard! Feed some birds and maybe even get some exercise! 
I choose to take back the control, Be the Captain of my own... Well you get my point. Enjoy your day!  I plan to!

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