Being Together!

Being Together!
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mushy Brain

When it's -35 with the wind chill our adventures are limited to say the lest.  It means we must come up with something to entertain us inside.  Without T.V this can seem a bit daunting!  Sometimes I think I worry too much about the kids being bored.  Being Bored is a GREAT thing!  It pushes us outside ourselves and makes us use our imaginations.  You remember, that part of our brain that we used before everything imaginable was placed before us on the big screen! It helped us to turn a blanket and chairs into an enchanted cave, a walk in the woods into a visit with Little Red Riding hood and reading a book a ticket for a grand adventure! 
Like any muscle, our brain needs to be used regularly and stretched everyday. 'Couch Potato' isn't just a state for our bodies, it is something that happens to our minds too.  I like to call it "mushy brain"!  
Yes, it is easier to turn on the T.V and veg then it is to carry on a conversation, write a letter, tell a story, do a cross word puzzle or work on one of our goals!  And what if we've had a long day and used our brains to the point of exhaustion?  It would be better for us to go to bed and rest our minds then it is to have them turn to mush in front of the tube! When all is said and done, the people in the movie or T.V show have travelled the world, built relationships, created something new, lived their dreams and we are still just sitting on the couch no further ahead!
So the challenge today is to do something new OR something you haven't done since you were little!  What will it be?  (I hope you will share it with me!)  Will it be taking out that old guitar from your closet that you haven't picked up for years and tuning it?  Maybe you will build a fort in the living room for the children in your life,  when was the last time you finger painted, built a block tower, drew a picture, had fun creating supper, read a good book~it doesn't have to be a great novel~ Robert Munsch is tons of fun!  My favorite is Smelly Socks, but you must read it with great enthusiasm! Don't think you have to have children in your home to do any of the above mentioned activities! They are too much fun to leave only to the little ones!
I hope you will be bored today!  I hope you have the opportunity to stretch a bit and Please tell me all about it!! I would love to hear!
Have a fun day!  I plan too! (Excuse the colours, I was BORED!!)

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