Being Together!

Being Together!
All of us!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh The Joy Of It ALL!!

         I love being a Mom.  It brings me the greatest joy in my life.  I realize this is probably because it is the hardest job I could ever do!  I have 3 amazing children.  I just love them!  Even so I am not always at my best!!

strings of popcorn

Saturday I decide that we would snow shoe back to a magnificent tree that we have on our property and decorate "her" with yummy treats for the birds.  We had spend some time stringing popcorn and raisins, mixing bird seed and peanut butter  and rolling them into tubes with strings, (Thank you Julie for the prototypes!) and filling coconut shells with yummy goodies.  I had pictured a beautiful experience hiking to the back, cheerfully talking about great ideas we had, laughing and getting along so well! 

Ha ha. I told the kids that I was going to put supper in the oven before we went so we had about an hour to get out there and back again, plenty of time!!!  That was mistake # one!! So trying to get everyone out the door became a stress because we were on a time crunch! 
I had found a pair of gloves to wear which is a great feat in our house.  There never seems to be enough dry mittens or gloves.  We had been out already that morning and had plenty of wet mittens in balls all around the house...ugh. Mackenzie seeing my gloves on the table where I had placed them (mistake #2) decided that she had come across great luck and picked them up. But before putting them on thought she better visit the "little girls room" and dropped a glove into the toilet!  Nathan was having a hard time finding anything and I guess hoped that walking in circles would help! Jacob was having fun going as stiff as a board while being strapped into the chariot and laughing at my frustration!  I was dripping at this point because I thought it better to get myself dressed before Jacob (mistake #3) so that he didn't get too hot! The dog who was so excited to be going anywhere was jumping all around the house and knocking things over!
During this time, My dear husband, Colin, was trying to nap.  He had been up with Jacob in the night (thank you, thank you!) to let me sleep and I was really trying to return the favour.  After yelling at the dog and Jacob to sit, getting after Nathan to just put on any coat Colin was a wake and appeared at the door wondering what was going on!! Poor guy! I told him that we were going to have a FUN outing darn it, and that he should go back to bed!!
Well Finally we were all strapped in, Jacob into his chariot, the dog to his leash and the rest of us into our snow shoes.  Off we went! Leaving Colin scratching his head, the dog bouncing around us and me wearing very thin floppy gloves. All the makings of great joy!!
I was now going full speed because we had lost so much time getting out the door.  No one was talking, and if we had been cartoons we all would have had one of those squiggly fuming lines over our heads!!
All Decorated!
We did finally make it to the great tree!  And the decorating was fun!  Mackenzie fell twice, I fell once with the dog coming to my rescue! 


On the way home Mackenzie who was behind Jacob and me just in case we needed help with the chariot, was paying attention to that instead of the trees and got whipped in the face by a branch.  She yelled and got upset, Then 3 seconds later did it again on the other side of her face!  I was losing patience with having to stop (No, not one of my finer moments!) and asked her "what in the heck is going on?" and telling her to "Be careful!"  She then stomped off in front of me leaving me to deal with the chariot myself and yelling, "It wasn't my fault, it isn't my fault!" in between her sobs!
 Oh we could feel the joy!! I did stop her and apologize for being so insensitive and gave her a big hug.  (oh the welt on her poor face)
We arrived home tired and hungry!  Colin who hadn't gone back to bed, had a lovely table set and salad made! I love that man!! We sat around our very well done lasagna watching Mackenzie's welt grow, grateful to be home, warm, filling our tummies and yes even together!
So I guess it doesn't always go as we plan, but today we have something great to giggle over!  And I am heading to the store to buy everyone a new pair of mittens!! Enjoy your day!
OH, I love being a Mother!!
Thank Goodness!!


  1. It is truly wonderful to come home to supper already warm. I love the days when I am that organized, it's a lot calmer. Good for you for getting fresh air with the kids too!

  2. It was nice to have it ready when we got home! Poor Mackenzie! What are you and your family doing for fun?