Being Together!

Being Together!
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Goodness Sake, Stop Knitting!

I knew it would happen eventually!  I am dying to turn on the T.V because it is easier then figuring things out! All this talk of goals and the quiet in the house has pushed me to look at who I am and if I am good with that!  I don't know if it's the weather or the lack of media but I am crashing!  And it would be great to throw in my favorite movie to fill the need for an adventure or a change in my life virtually instead of really! 
That is a sad statement.  Does that mean that I have been living my dreams vicariously through the TELEVISION?  I am NOT okay with THAT!
I guess I have done the planning and the thinking and the next step is the doing!!!  I don't feel like I know where to begin.  How do I do the doing?  Stuffed pork chops are one thing, but I have some pretty lofty goals on that list and frankly it scares me!  It would be so much easier to rent Under the Tuscan Sun, or watch a National Geographic movie then it is to look at writing my own book or traveling somewhere I've never been before.   And I realize that knitting myself a sweater would be pretty low key and doable, but look at where all of that knitting "meditation" has gotten me! 
Who knew that turning off the tube could bring such agony?  You did!  All of you who told me that you could NEVER live without T.V knew the danger!  I thought you were all a bunch of wimpy T.V addicts. I apologise!
(he he) Okay I may be exaggerating a bit but hey this is harder then I thought. I thought I would just be writing about the fun little things that my family is doing and it would all be so great and simple.  I didn't bargain for any emotional or mental shake ups! 
But that being said I am not going to turn on the T.V.  I may attack a room or two and see if that helps.  If not at least I'll have some order in my home.  And maybe just maybe I'll be closer to doing the doing!  Until then hang in there!  Stay strong and STOP knitting!!

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