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Being Together!
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Friday, January 21, 2011

So What Do I Do Now?

Deciding to become T.V free is a big deal!  Most of us have been watching T.V since we were born!  That is quite a well established habit we are trying to break!  It is what we turn to when we are bored, needing down time, want to learn something, have a problem we are trying to forget, tired, hungry (oh you know you've turned it to the food network for a good idea!), frustrated, taking a break, I bet you've even exercised in front of it!  We make it the answer to most of our needs!
So what do you do if you are not going to turn on the tube?
Well I could make you a fun little list of cute things to do, but that may not be motivating to YOU!  What do you love to do? My Challenge to you today is to start a list of 101 goals that you would like to accomplish in...  a month, a year, five years, your life time... you decide your timeline!  Then when you are drawn to the T.V you will have a list of great things to do for you!  (I would love it if you would share some!)
I have begun my list here.  I had a great time writing it.  I just finished reading the book Achieving Your Life Mission By Randal A. Wright.  He writes about making a list like this one, suggesting that it will give you insight into who you are and who you can become! So be forwarned it could be life changing! (Hooray!)
Calvin and Hobbes, one of my favorite cartoons, has a strip where Calvin asks Hobbes what he wants out of life.  Hobbes replies that he would be happy with a tune fish sandwich.  Calvin explodes into a great speech about dreaming big and lists some of  his wishes!  In the next block Hobbes is eating his sandwich and says, I got my wish, what about you?
I am all about dreaming big, but I try to remember to add a few things I can accomplish quickly because I am also about checking things off my list!  Yup, the pork chops are already defrosting!!
So even if you are just cutting down on the T.V time this is a fun idea to get you thinking outside the tube!(ha ha) and onto doing something life changing like Calvin, or satisfying like Hobbes!
Enjoy your day! I plan to!

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