Being Together!

Being Together!
All of us!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Maybe you have heard the example given of the airplane that takes off and goes only one degree off course, but ends up way off track. Never coming close to his planned destination.  The point being that just one degree, one tiny change can bring great deviation from our planned destination.
I was thinking about this today and wondering if it might work for the positive, that when we make a change in our daily life, even just a little one, we may end up somewhere we never dreamed of being. Last night after tucking the kids into bed, locking up, turning off lights and checking that all was in order, I laid in bed with such an overwhelming feeling of contentment.  I LOVE where I am right now.  I love living in New Brunswick, I love that my children will hang out with me, I love that we laugh together and play together.  I love our 24 acre back yard that we explore and that we have friends who will come with us.  I love that my little kitchen is easy to clean, that Nathan loves to cook and has made supper 4 nights in a row and that Mackenzie has so much determination and self discipline that she can do anything,  I love that Jacob is so happy, that he gets the humour that is around him and is quick to giggle!  They are a joy to me!  I love that my husband knows me so well and loves me anyway.  I love that I have a yellow lab and that he won't go to bed until I do.  I love that it is snowing ( although I wish Colin was home from Moncton!). I love today!!
Turning off the T.V didn't change much on the list above.  I would still live in New Brunswick, have a wonderful husband and great kids even with the T.V on, but maybe I was just too distracted to see or feel the joy of it all. Could it really be that the simple act of walking away from the tube could cause change, bring contentment, even joy? It has for me.  I hope it will for you!


  1. You amaze me, Jenn. I am so inspired by you, as usual... and I really love your blog! You are such a vibrant woman! Here's a hug... xoxoooo

  2. Leah you are the one who inspired me to start this! It has been so much fun to write regularly! Here's a hug right back at ya!